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250-5165 Queen Mary Rd.
Montreal, QC
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ORT Montreal was established as Montreal Women’s ORT  in 1948 and today, is a branch of ORT Canada, a registered charity. 

Following World War II, Sophie Crestohl visited a Displaced Persons Camp in Europe. There, she witnessed the important work that ORT was doing; educating and training Holocaust survivors who found themselves with little to do after the war and no education.

Returning to Montreal, Sophie, along with Dorthea Chefetz, built a chapter based organization which has raised millions of dollars for various ORT projects in Israel and around the world.

Montreal Men’s ORT was formed in 1982 by a group of individuals who were interested in helping ORT in various places around the world but particularly Israel. In 1983 Montreal Men’s ORT held its first Annual Benefit Gala which became its primary fund raising event over those years.

In 1995 Montreal Women’s ORT and Montreal Men’s ORT merged to form ORT Montreal.

Together with our donors, sponsors and volunteers, we support local educational projects and raise money for global World ORT programs.

Our funding fortifies ORT schools, strengthens educational programs with state-of-the-art technology, enhances the teaching experience for educators, and ensures the next generation has a solid foundation for the demands of an increasingly higher-tech society.