About World ORT

ORT is a global education network, driven by Jewish values, that is passionate about unleashing the potential of young people so they can lead prosperous lives. Our vision is to place the future in the hands of the next generation

Since our foundation in 1880, ORT has been transforming lives through training and education. From focussing on teaching 19th century Russian Jews essential trades and professions, we have evolved to provide 21st century skills to empower people and strengthen communities. Our network now reaches 200,000 people, across 39 countries, in more than 40 schools, two universities, and vocational training programs. We provide a combination of high-level science and technology education with strengthened Jewish identity, bridging the gap between ability and opportunity – and ensuring the continuity of Jewish life worldwide.

Click here to view the ORT entry in the Encyclopedia Judaica published by the MacMillan Company, Volume 12, 1971 by Keter Publishing House Limited

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