Support ORT Families in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine remains extremely difficult and we continue to help thousands of people who require ongoing humanitarian aid to overcome the current challenges. We are also planning to provide support for the inevitable long-term difficulties resulting from the conflict.

The current needs are in two major areas:

Energy Crisis and Infrastructure Support: With regular power outages now common across Ukraine, schools and families require additional power supplies to charge devices. Larger generators need regular maintenance to keep them operational for longer periods. Schools require alternative food storage, such as thermoses, when refrigeration is unreliable and during air-raids lasting several hours.

Supporting Teachers and Families: Our school communities are experiencing emotional trauma, affecting teachers, students, and families alike. Requests for mental health counseling are increasing and will need long-term support. We are also working to ensure teachers remain motivated and continue employment at their schools amid financial and other challenges.

We must be ready to respond to any eventuality or emergency and are committed to doing everything possible to support our students, their families, and our schools and programs for as long as necessary.

Thank you for your help.